Letters to the Editor

Hiner letter: West Ada recall

I am one of many parents in the West Ada School District who actively participates in our schools. We help with school fundraisers — for a classroom set of readers for a new teacher, art supplies for elementary students, handing out cookie dough in the rain and organizing spaghetti feeds for band instruments. We run school carnivals, spelling bees and galas, and spend hours in the classroom supporting our teachers.

We are working hard on our side to make sure our students and teachers have what they need and assuming that others are working hard on their end with the same goal in mind. I am very heavy-hearted to hear about recalling school board members that we voted in, community leaders with agendas working behind the scenes, and legislators trying to take away our local control and dismantle our public school system.

Does it also have to be our job to keep an eye on Mr. Winder and West Ada recall leadership?

Shelly Hiner, Meridian