Letters to the Editor

Harkness letter: Crapo, Medicare

Medicare Advantage has provided me with access to much-needed health care, at an affordable price. I really hope this program doesn’t change. I have some medical issues, so retaining this coverage means I can continue a decent quality of life. I wanted to thank Sen. Mike Crapo for recognizing that there are many people in my position who are looking for our legislators to stand firm against any proposed cuts to seniors’ benefits.

The premiums for my plan are reasonable. If they went up, I might have to choose between health care and food. The fact that I’m still here shows that Advantage plans are working — no need to tamper with this program. It concerns me that the proposed cuts would result in higher costs and fewer benefits. The treatment for my heart attack was mostly covered by my plan, and I don’t know how I would’ve afforded it on my own. I would probably have had to use my credit card, going into debt in order to save my life.

Thank you again, Sen. Crapo, for supporting Medicare Advantage and the millions of senior citizens who rely on it. We’ll remember your efforts next time we vote.

Stephen Harkness, Boise