Letters to the Editor

Aymon letter: Local control

Winter is my favorite season. I love every flake of snow. However, my winter joy is usually stunted when our esteemed Legislature occupies the Capitol.

I am the mayor of a small Idaho town and find it hard to understand how limited government legislators continually erode city autonomy. This session bills targeting municipalities include a ban on a city’s ability to regulate the use of plastic bags, debilitating urban renewal changes and stopping citizen-driven minimum wage initiatives.

Government works best when it is local and when citizens voices are heard. Federal obstruction and state arrogance do not serve the people well. A citizen ballot initiative is the heart of our democracy. If a high school student or a group of retired residents has the courage and energy to formulate an ordinance, gather signatures, get on the ballot and go to the voters, let them speak. This is the beauty of democracy.

So legislators, do us a favor, kick the lobbyists out and help cities serve their constituents. If you can’t do that, think about adopting the Montana model of convening every two years. That way you can hurt us only half as much.

Jackie J. Aymon, McCall