Letters to the Editor

Yergenson letter: Muslim religion

I appreciated the Islam letter that Lawrence G. Sirhall Jr. had in the Feb. 1 editorial section. In President Obama’s last State of the Union speech, he said, “We need to reject any politics that targets race or religion.” It is time that we end this confusion by being explicit with regard to our First Amendment of religious freedom. Namely, any religious-based system with tenets requiring that it’s believers oppress, subjugate and kill unbelievers is not a religious system that this country gives sanction to nor does this country allow that religious system to be practiced within its borders. This is not a matter of bigotry nor of surrendering our American values to racists. This is just being explicit with what we do and do not give sanction to as a citizenry.

Some have accused Islamic extremists of hijacking their Muslim religion and making a rank perversion of it. But there are many statements made in the Koran like, “Slay them wherever you catch them ... Such is the reward of those who reject faith.” (Surah 2:191) Since such tenets require actions that are against sound laws, those religions are not protected by the First Amendment.

I’ll elaborate more on my Facebook page.

Robin Yergenson, Eagle