Letters to the Editor

Everingham letter: Thank you

Last Thursday my mother and I were shopping at the Albertsons store on East ParkCenter Boulevard when my mother fainted just outside of the store. I’m sorry I didn’t get anyone’s name but I would like to thank the lady who immediately came to my mother’s aid and assisted in helping her remain calm and staying where she was.

Another gentleman called 911 for us and remained on the line until they arrived. Still another individual rushed to his vehicle and returned with a blanket since it was chilly and my mother was on the concrete walk. Still other individuals went into the store to see if they could get some help and cleaning supplies, which the store freely provided. Some employees of the store took care of our grocery carts and loaded them into my vehicle while I was with my mother.

The paramedics arrived quickly and were extremely professional in assisting my mother. A great example of the professional people we have in our fire departments around our great city and just one more example of all the great people who live in Boise. I wish I could thank you all in person.

Larry Everingham, Boise