Letters to the Editor

Mortensen letter: Vaccinations

There has been a lot of controversy lately about more and more parents not vaccinating their children. They are looking up the possible effects and the ingredients in the vaccines and are concerned. Yet, another problem we have is that some of the diseases that were contained because of the vaccine are making a comeback, such as the measles. If we had more options for different vaccines then more people may get their children vaccinated. Americans are good at shopping around and finding what is best for them, whether it is a brand of mustard or which vaccine they want to give their child. We should be allowed to have options. When it comes to the MMR, chickenpox, hepatitis A and/or Pentacel vaccine, many parents would like an option that does not have residual human DNA and protein components from the human cells of the aborted babies they used to make it (see Dr. Sears’ book “The Vaccine Book” p. 87). There are such options available in other countries. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about possible autoimmune reaction or genetic insertion or being uncomfortable as a pro-life Christian. If enough of us demand options, the government may listen.

Christina Mortensen, Twin Falls