Letters to the Editor

Huntley letter: Tax exemptions

A moment of shame for Scout leaders? For the most part, the leaders of our Girl Scout and Boy Scout councils deserve nothing less than our highest accolades and respect, but …

At this moment, they are before the Legislature seeking sales tax exemptions from cookie and other sales.

My Scouting experiences include becoming an Eagle Scout, my two sons are Eagle Scouts, I have been a “Den Mother” for 18 Cubs, a Scoutmaster, an outdoor coordinator and a troop committeeman.

Significantly, I earned the Civics Merit Badge and taught it to many Scouts over the years. The course includes the Second Amendment right “to arm bears.”

We should set an example to our Scouts and community that citizens should bear their fair share of taxes. We should even send that message to our legislators and Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.

When budgets are tight, tax exemptions mean one of two things: Take funding from other state services, such as education and safety nets; or increase other taxes.

Specifically, which do our Scouting leaders propose?

Bob Huntley, Boise