Letters to the Editor

Hanks letter: Idaho education

When my check-engine light turns on in my car, I take it into the mechanic to find out what the problem is. What I don’t do, is put a Band-Aid over the warning light and hope my car will fix itself. I believe Idaho’s education systems’ check-engine light has been on for some time now. It’s time to make some repairs.

According to a poll the Albertson Family Foundation just released, 52 percent of Idahoans agree with me, saying they would not recommend a relative move into their local school boundaries.

With Idaho ranking 41st in our nation for graduation rates, I understand why Idahoans feel this way. The same poll reported that 79 percent of Idahoans feel better schools would attract more companies and our economy would be stronger. This is a matter of importance because Idaho’s economy is one of the lowest ranking in the nation.

We have incredibly important work to do, which is why we as a community need to rally together to evaluate our options, develop a plan and insist on more learning options for the youth of Idaho.

Brian Hanks, Eagle