Letters to the Editor

Winer letter: Medicaid expansion

It is most unfortunate that the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party chose to attack the only readily available way to provide needed medical care for 78,000 needy Idaho citizens. I believe that by far the majority of these individuals are personally responsible but unable to do more on their own. I also believe that the majority of families, faith communities, private enterprises and private charities are maxed out as to what they can contribute. In fact, many of these parties have given public testimony to this fact. Let us also not forget that we, Idahoans, have already paid the taxes that would fund the Medicaid expansion, and these funds will be used in other states to help their citizens.

It was further stated that Idaho Republicans are exploring real and alternative solutions. Where are these alternatives and solutions? Until Republicans in Idaho, and throughout the country, come up with specific and realistic programs that will allow increased access to affordable health care, they simply have no credibility. The problem requires cooperation and hard work. At this time the Affordable Care Act is what we have. Granted, it has some serious flaws. We don’t have an alternative. People are hurting.

Kenneth S. Winer, Boise