Letters to the Editor

Rowe letter: Idaho Republicans

Steve Yates, chair of the Idaho Republican Party, wrote a guest opinion about health care in Idaho. In his role as political chief for Idaho’s Republicans, his job is to bash Democrats. Fine. He is, however, wrong on almost all his points. He said, “We believe in strengthening and empowering self-reliant families, faith communities, private enterprises and private charities” Notice there is no mention of struggling families, which faiths or individuals nor the limits of private ventures. He also says, “Democrats will use human suffering to advance their ideology.” Guilty as charged, since part of the idealism of Democrats is to alleviate human suffering. His rant offered no solutions or insights into the challenge of everyone having access to health care. That’s why Idaho should begin looking past Republican Idealism of ‘no’ if it wants to actually solve problems.

Carl Rowe, Boise