Letters to the Editor

O’Connell letter: Tamarack Jam site

Tamarack Resort and Townsquare Media are requesting approval of a Jam site at very south end of Tamarack property, north of Northlake subdivisions consisting of camping area for 500 people, light towers, stage area and parking lot. Townsquare wants it for Aug. 11-13, 2016 and annual dates thereafter. Public hearing will be 6 p.m. March 10th Cascade. I received a letter from planning and zoning because I am within 300 feet of site and my lot is on Reno Vista, so I figured a lot of people owning property in Northlake #1 and #2 will not receive notification.

If this is constructed Townsquare will use it for three days, but Tamarack will not leave it unused. Guaranteed. Concerts every weekend? Campers all summer? Property values going down in that area because of noise?

They wanted this site as far as possible from the residences in their complex, so they wouldn’t have to hear the noise. Why next to subdivisions with no connection to them?

Contact Valley County Planning and Zoning with comments at least seven days prior to hearing or go to hearing. If you know anyone with property in that area let them know about this.

Susan O’Connell, Donnelly