Letters to the Editor

Goyden letter: GOP opinion

I appreciated the Statesman printing Steve Yates’ opinion Feb. 16. A clear revelation of Idaho’s GOP thinking. His statements are a paragon of selfish, self-righteous and arrogant thinking typifying the representation of Idaho’s GOP legislators. Yates says the Democrat’s solution to problems is “more government, more regulation, more taxes and less coverage,” while his solution is “strengthening and empowering self-reliant families, faith communities, private enterprises and private charities.” Yates, where were all these wonderful remedies over the past many years? Your party has controlled this state long enough for your “solutions” to have proved themselves, and they haven’t. Yes, Democrats cite “human suffering.” Why don’t you? Are you a Christian in name only? You accuse Democrats of wasting money and creating more restrictions. What about the Republican restrictions on gender equality and local government options? What about the waste of money on frivolous lawsuits, the hiring of non-government lawyers, the attempts to pass unconstitutional legislation? These all would suggest extreme hypocrisy. I would bet that Yates and his ilk have never had to go without all the health care they need, or food, or shelter. It is this thinking that keeps Idaho at the bottom of the barrel.

Robert Goyden, Boise