Letters to the Editor

Allison letter: Powerful NRA

Please read Statesman article, Feb. 4. The NRA represents the most powerful subversive organization in our country. It makes the Mafia look like child’s play. They claim 5 million misinformed members out of a U.S. population of 320 million. There are 118 million households but only 37 percent have guns. Obviously the NRA wants 100 percent plus no gun controls. The article names babyface Chris Cox as mouthpiece for Wayne LaPierre, who earns substantially more than poor Cox’s $764,000. Cox states he had “no idea that God would guide me down this path.” So, really? God would have Cox use his persuasive talent selling guns instead of brotherly love? His real “power” involves extortion. His “gun” is a report card for a spineless Congress, threatened by the death of careers at the next election for non compliance. I always thought this was illegal, apparently not. So, one has to “fight fire with fire.” I’m not in favor of using NRA’s tactics, but if Michael Bloomberg can take on the NRA wtih his own “Everytown for Gun Safety” report card, he has my support along with the majority of Americans tired of the NRA, Cox, and his boss LaPierre.

Clint Allison, Boise