Letters to the Editor

Diehl letter: Vote against Trump

Before you vote, consider what you want and what is best for America. Do you want a president who called Muslims, immigrants and American women names? Someone who is rude, ignorant, a troublemaker, has respect for only himself? Someone who criticizes everyone? Someone making fun of Barbara Bush and Bill Clinton? What a jerk. Bill Clinton was a great president who just made a mistake. Trump was born a big mistake. He thinks he is better than anyone. Trump is the only one ever running for president who is under consideration for being banned from the UK and Israel. He was banned from three golf courses because of his big mouth. ISIS is upset and ordered all homegrown ISIS soldiers to kill all U.S. police officers and military people in uniform. ISIS would love to bring the army of killers to America, they said Trump was their best recruiter.

Putin said Trump is nice. Maybe Trump should move to Russia — with his low standards he would fit in. Trump must go. Homeland Security and the military would thank you. God bless America.

Donna Diehl, Boise