Letters to the Editor

Charlson letter: Grazing public lands

In the old West before dams, irrigation and commercial feedlots, the grazing of sheep and cattle on public land seemed like a good idea. Now it is obvious this environmentally unfriendly practice should have been played out years ago. There is no reason these ranchers should feel entitled to use and abuse our land forever like their fathers did.

Without grazing there will be more deer and elk because their traditional feeding grounds wouldn’t be eaten down to dirt when they come down from the high country in winter.

Without grazing there will be more fish in our creeks and streams because there would be less erosion and pollution. All the fauna and flora in riparian areas will have a chance to naturally recover after generations of trampling by livestock all summer.

The public deserves their land back because they are out using it more. We pay for its management.

Kirk Charlson, Boise