Letters to the Editor

Ollie letter: West Ada recall

Efforts to recall four of West Ada’s trustees can be summed up as “politics before kids.” A movement to recall the trustees was planned before the newly elected board members were even in office for 90 days. Public records requests reveal that the recall group did not want these individuals elected.

Recall backers say the board has lost the confidence of many of its patrons, wasted taxpayer money and has not been transparent. I had to read carefully to make certain they were not describing the previous board as this is exactly why patrons went to the polls in May 2015. Voters wanted change.

There has been dissatisfaction with top district leadership and board practices for some time. Parents have stated they have no voice. Taxpayers are concerned over the mounting cost overruns on Hillsdale elementary. Documents from public records requests are painting a picture of the previous board as one that did not value input or transparency.

The current board has stepped up to deal with a multitude of issues that have been building due to actions or inaction of the previous board. The recall is about the establishment wanting their power back. It is about politics before kids.

Mary Ollie, Meridian