Letters to the Editor

Beaman letter: Government computer users

All persons on government computer networks are routinely required to complete security training in: cyberthreat awareness; proper handling of classified information and materials; OPSEC; secure vs unsecure internet systems; reporting violations and compromises of classified materials, etc. and punishments for violations.

Some computer classes take hours and satisfactory completion is mandatory. It must really stick in the craw of thousands of loyal government workers who know they are not above the law then see Hillary Clinton’s blatant disregard for it. As a result some workers may have actually adopted a similar cavalier attitude toward classified information. After all, if she can get away with it…? The White House downplaying Clinton’s misconduct doesn’t help.

It angers me that as military pilots my colleagues and I, in our small corner of government, were playing it aboveboard while Hillary was “conveniently” handing our enemies a trove of intelligence from the highest levels including the military. Hopefully the FBI and DOJ take proper action, if for no reason other than to reestablish the importance of safeguarding America’s secrets. That, in itself, would be a great cybersecurity lesson.

Kudos to all the heroes lawfully serving this nation within the rules set before them.

Bob Beaman, Meridian