Letters to the Editor

Rutherford letter: Run for state office

There are 35 Idaho state districts with one Senate and two House seats in each. For those interested in making a positive change to the Idaho Legislature do the following:

Visit IdahoVotes.org to find out what district you are in.

Visit the Idaho Secretary of State website, click on Elections and file as a partisan or independent candidate for district’s state office (Senate or House). It’s straightforward and for a nominal fee you can be on the 2016 primary ballot. You can also elect to collect the required signatures to be on the ballot.

You can be your own treasurer. Just ask the Secretary of State staff. Democrats can contact actblue.com for online fundraising support. Actblue, for a very small fee on every donation, will set up a website where your supporters can make online contributions to your campaign. All you have to do is create your own website that ties to the Actblue site.

You have to file as a primary candidate between Feb. 29 and March 11. Research the issues, create your position papers and put them on your website. Help create some positive political competition.

Bill Rutherford, Meridian