Letters to the Editor

Heise letter: Donald Trump

I cannot believe that so many folks are duped by “the Donald’s” lies, posturing, wild gestures, Messianic delusions and shameful misunderstanding of America’s values. My prediction is that a startling number of Americans will be seeking a four-year asylum to Canada, Latin America, Thailand or Europe if he is elected.

Although I’m not a biblical scholar, my suggestion is that we reread Ecclesiastes — all of it; it’s really short. It’s about a man who has immense wealth, power, prestige, entertainments and luxuries, but wants more because he has no joy or sense of fulfillment. It seems to portray a lot that applies to the Donald. It helps us see where he is coming from and what he is seeking in life at our expense.

Bankruptcy is like a “get out of jail free card,” it cancels out debts but hurts those to whom money is owed. Do we really want someone in the White House who has had multiple bankruptcies and would influence the spending of the nation’s money?

June Heise, Boise