Letters to the Editor

Gaither letter: Fire season

The U.S. Fire Services (aka U.S. Forest Service and BLM) have done as predicted. The have requested more money from Congress because they are planning to manage more fires next season. They have held their public meetings and asked for input on their plans but won’t use anyone’s suggestions unless you are a radical conservation group. Why, you may ask, because they must ask for input but don’t have to use it. Nowhere have I read that they are going to increase their fire prevention program. Oh, they may buy more advertising telling us “Only You can Prevent Forest Fires” and buy more Smokey Bear suits for the kiddies to see in parades and fairs. They plan no actual fire prevention on our public lands because it is really their land and they can do as they please. If these lands were managed by someone who really cared about the forest and sagebrush lands, we would have fires but not like we have now.

John Gaither, Grangeville