Letters to the Editor

Everett letter: Bike trails

I’ve long thought that the rail line that runs along the Payette River from Horseshoe Bend north would make a world-class bike trail. The scenery is spectacular and would draw thousands of tourists and millions of dollars to communities like Horseshoe Bend, Banks, Smith’s Ferry and Cascade. Your recent article documented the economic benefits cyclists bring, and all one has to do is look to the Hiawatha Trail in North Idaho to see what that trail has done for small communities along the route. It’s healthy, brings tourists dollars to some communities which could really benefit and gets people out in the beauty of our outdoor Idaho.

In addition, we should look to Phoenix to see what they have done to turn canal banks into a great pathway system. One of the best things we could do for the health of the community would be to get more people walking, running and biking. We have hundreds of miles of a trail system we should turn into an amenity. Check out srpnet.com/canals to see what is possible.

Jim Everett, Boise