Letters to the Editor

Kahnoski letter: Clinton not qualified

Sunday, Jan. 24, Alston Jones shows he is a partisan Democrat trying to justify voting for Hillary Clinton, making absurd claims about HRC’s “intelligence, experience, temperament and toughness” and ability to “restore civility.”

Ms. Clinton listed Republicans and ISIS as her enemies. Nice. Last fall, she told representatives of Black Lives Matter she wasn’t interested in changing hearts and minds, just in changing government and allocation of resources. Power hungry. So much for restoring civility.

Ms. Clinton lied about the cattle futures investment, her law firm records in the 1990s, the women her husband sexually assaulted, what happened at Benghazi, her private email server and the classified information she grossly mishandled. She says and does anything to advance her political career.

Ms. Clinton has accomplished nothing except making money by questionable means and exercising cutthroat politics. Arkansas education reform — expensive bust; Hillarycare — so bad it went nowhere; senator from New York — no legislation and resigned before term ended; Secretary of State — nothing but a failed Russian reset, pointless travel and corruption. The 3 a.m. call came and she didn’t pick up. Four dead.

Ms. Clinton isn’t qualified; she is disqualified to be president.

Jonathan Kahnoski, Meridian