Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Renewed hope

I went for a late-evening stroll on Christmas Eve. Though already dark outside, the combination of snow along with the subtle glow of street lights created an appropriate ambiance for the mood I was in. I was looking forward to seeing my children and grandchildren on Christmas Day, but admittedly, I was a bit melancholy … a touch of the holiday blues, I suppose. Thoughts of Christmas holidays long ago and loved ones I will never see again (on this side of eternity…) were intruding upon my quiet walk. Figured I’d walk through the local schoolyard (Taft grade school) as far as State Street and then head home again … just enough to help dinner settle. My children went to Taft (and Lowell, we’re North Enders). My ex-wife and daughter are both grade school teachers … the ex has been teaching at Taft for 20 years.

As I turned and headed homeward, I noticed a new marquee above the main entrance to Taft that read simply: BELIEVE, dream, discover, LAUGH, BELONG, inspire, LEARN, pursue, SMILE, QUESTION, listen, REFLECT, HOPE, take chances, wonder, SUCCEED!

It was welcome inspiration. As I ambled home pondering the marquee, my holiday blues suddenly lifted on the wings of renewed hope. Happy New Year, y’all.

Michael Howard, Boise