Letters to the Editor

Schrecongost letter: Tomlin guest opinion

I am disappointed that the Statesman would let a Tea Party enabler give a Jan. 20 guest opinion on climate change. He not only misrepresented science, the piece was filled with outright falsehoods. First, the oil reserves issue was based on data supplied by the oil company geologists — not scientists in general — and used to secure tax credits for further exploration and research. He then equated owning a deadly 20-round assault weapon to driving an SUV. The medical profession is not wrong when they say that eating fat can cause obesity. President Obama never said Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction, Susan Rice did, and she got it from the U.S. Army, who promoted him to sergeant. In fact, all the insults to the president are taken from events that were commented on and then corrected when new evidence came to light, but not necessarily by him. Climate change science is based on observation and research and accepted by nearly all reputable scientists. To equate climate change science with scientific opinion on diet soda is ludicrous.

People are free to believe as they choose, but our legislators should base their deliberations on what is evidenced by facts, not Rush Limbaugh.

Dennis Schrecongost, Boise