Letters to the Editor

Stokes letter: Tax cuts

According to a recent article, our elected representatives proposed a $16 million reduction in the Idaho State Police budget and that amount would be shifted to the transportation funding shortfall which is $165 million. This doesn’t make sense — are there too many officers patrolling the highways of Idaho? And yet, House Rep. Mike Moyle proudly proposes a tax cut.

Idaho legislators refuse to expand Medicaid which would provide health care for thousands of uninsured Idahoans in spite of the fact that there is money available. Each year the potential savings to Idaho is slowly dripping away. Yet, the House of Representatives passed the tax cut bill introduced by Moyle.

Revenue to fund education is still not adequate in Idaho; college fees are a burden for Idaho families. Roads and bridges are in serious need of repair. However, Rep. Moyle wants tax cuts.

Something is wrong with this picture. Let’s hope the Senate will do what is right for Idaho. How about a review and evaluation of all the tax exemptions enjoyed by so many companies in Idaho? I’ll bet there’s plenty of revenue if we all pay our fair share.

O. Ray Stokes, Star