Letters to the Editor

Morse letter: State police

I just read in the paper the theater owners are taking on the state over this archaic law that you can’t have an alcoholic beverage while watching a show. Oh, did I say this law applies only if the show depicts someone’s breast or buttocks are touched. Mercy me, they have been allowing this at some of our theaters. It’s a wonder we haven’t experienced a rash of sexual crimes. OK, I hope I’ve sounded as ridiculous as hearing our State Police are waging a full-scale assault to wipe out this horrendous activity. I didn’t realize their budget has an abundance of money to spend on frivolous expenditures such as this. Maybe they are trying to do a favor for Gov. Butch Otter . He so enjoys wasting taxpayers’ money fighting to keep frivolous laws that common sense would tell most people it should not be law and should have been removed a long time ago. I’m anxious to see how much money he wastes fighting to keep this one on the books. Maybe we’ll be lucky and he’ll be too busy still fighting to keep the Ag-Gag enforceable.

Val Morse, Boise