Letters to the Editor

Logsdon letter: Negotiating with terrorists

No, Robert Ehlert, we do not negotiate with terrorists. The Bergdahl negotiation was one of the worst deals ever made. Five really bad guys, who tried to kill Americans and will try again, for one military deserter?

While, like most Idahoans, I am glad Pastor Saeed Abedini has been freed, the way this deal was done was, once again, a terrible deal. Another group of bad guys, for a reporter, a Christian minister, and two other private citizens? Just days after the Iranians captured 10 American sailors and paraded them across the world news? Poking their finger in America’s eye? This administration negotiated from a position of weakness, not strength. There will be more Americans taken hostage due to this weak action.

While countries have exchanged prisoners after a war, trading terrorists for private citizens is a really bad idea. These actions may suggest a motive related to President Obama’s legacy, rather than protecting American citizens. This is not the new normal, this is a tremendous lack of courage and principal from our president.

William Logsdon Sr., Boise