Letters to the Editor

Kidd letter: Don’t tax food

During the last legislative session in 2015, the Legislature provided a paltry and minuscule token amount back to the households of Idaho by giving them an equivalent of $20 credit back on food tax. That amount might purchase four pounds of cheap hamburger in today’s dollars. How generous our legislators are to the citizens of Idaho that pay their bloated salaries so they can tax us more and more.

As a share of income, food taxes are four to five times as high for low-income families as for upper-income families. In addition, food tax is one of the most regressive taxes that is absorbed at such a greater proportion of income for the poor and middle class. Only five states tax food fully. Idaho is one of five. Give the citizens of Idaho a break and stop taxing the food.

Idaho ranks 13th in state gas tax, 49th in per capita income and 50th for high school students going on to higher education. Are we winning or losing?

Galen Kidd, Boise