Letters to the Editor

Jung letter: Can’t support nuclear

Freedom of Information Act revealed from 1946 to1972, the U.S. federal government intentionally released into the air and Columbia River from Hanford (Wash.) atomic energy plant 750,000 rads radioactive iodine. Comparison: 3-Mile Island was only 13 rads.

Circa 1950, my age 8, all students were given “free” physical exams, thought to be nice gesture. Instead, exams were to covertly monitor effects on U.S. children of radioactive iodine released.

Many classmates and families have since died from cancers. I’ve had thyroid, brain, breast and lymph node cancers. In the late 1980s, I joined Hanford downwinders class action suit, with attorneys from Seattle representing us. Government won their point that downwinders’ cases had to be thyroid cancer only. My case was put into an inactive file because my surgeon, now 98, in nursing home; records search could not find my thyroid surgery records to prove thyroid cancer.

Irony? Our taxes pay for the federal government attorneys to defend against us, the Hanford downwinders, or whoever.

Support nuclear? I don’t think so.

Judith Jung, Eagle