Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Academy Awards and diversity

I would like to respond to what I see as a constant attack by our black American fellow citizens regarding diversity. The current stage is Hollywood and the issue is, that of the 20 top actor and actress awards, there are no blacks this year.

If the 20 nominated are in fact the best, what the blacks are asking for is to “demote” one of them for a black actress or actor, who was not as talented in the moment as determined by the academy. The argument is an extension of equal opportunity thinking that has been apart of the American culture for decades, and has as a part of its basis, demographics and talent. This prompts a questions from me: Why is this discussion absent on pro sports? If the blacks are arguing fairness based on color over talent, then how on earth can a pro team field all black teams? If the argument is talent, then so be it. Let it be, Hollywood, you are looking like whiners, again.

Matt Jones, Meridian