Letters to the Editor

Churchill letter: Sharon Ullman

Based on a story in the Jan. 21 Statesman, Sharon Ullman is considering running against Dave Case for Ada County Commissioner. If Ullman’s name eventually appears on the ballot, I urge every voter to either remember or check out why Dave Case (challenger) defeated Ullman (incumbent) in the last election for that seat. I believe it had something to do with the ill-fated waste-to-energy project planned for the Ada County landfill. The project never came to fruition, Ada County taxpayers lost $2 million (not counting county staff time), and the county was sued and had to settle a lawsuit. Check and see why the project failed and whether the county managed it properly from original conception all the way to failure. Then, check out what Ullman’s role was in the support of that project. Finally, make your own informed decision.

Dave Churchill, Boise