Letters to the Editor

Carbiener letter: Oregon power line

With everybody in Oregon not wanting the Boardman to Hemingway power line, why won’t it just go away? Even Idaho Power says; “The B2H project is neither required to support any particular new generation project nor justified by any particular existing generation project.”

Idaho Power says it is the federal government, actually Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, that is making them do it. Remember that Idaho Power is the midget in this project, PacifiCorp owned by Berkshire Hathaway, is financing 54 percent. Idaho Power estimates that just total permitting cost to be $204 million with their share at $43 million.

The BLM seems determined to find an environmentally preferred route. The BLM must know that we don’t want the power line in eastern Oregon. They have moved the suggested route several times. Why can’t they just say no?

BLM certainly must be aware that this B2H project has some similarities with other recent proposals like Ochoco Wilderness, Owyhee Canyonlands and even Malheur Wildlife Refuge. B2H will designate about 11,000 acres of land to the 300 mile right-of-way. Much of this is family farm and ranch ground.

What is it that tends to override public opinion, what am I missing?

Gail Carbiener, Bend, Ore.