Letters to the Editor

Code letter: Idaho education

Implosion: the opposite of explosion; destruction by compression or collapse.

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Why is Idaho so far down on so many lists? Second-to-last for education, last in per-pupil spending, in students continuing their college education and last in wages. What these “lasts” have in common is their effect on our young people. Without enough money to live, or the education needed to hold a job, how will they buy Idaho businesses’ goods and services?

Too many of Idaho’s elected officials suffer from selective deafness — they only hear those with large campaign contributions. For every year an extremist super-majority controls our state Legislature, Idaho’s implosion continues.

As long as Idahoans vote strict party lines, Idaho will never rise from the bottom of those lists. To become a state where businesses want to locate and our young people choose to live, voting the straight party line must end.

Candidates whose ideologies stray to the very far right or left do not have Idaho’s best interests in mind. Bad decisions occur when either political party is controlled by extremists. Only moderation, education and communication can reverse Idaho’s implosion.

Just how far down do you want Idaho to go?

Tamara Code, McCall