Letters to the Editor

Oliver letter: Add the Words

So I get it, the gay community in Idaho wants to make sure no one could ever be discriminated against and get fired for their sexual preference. But is it really the same thing as gender and race, or do they just want you to think that? Go ask your wife when she came out of the closet as being female, or ask your Hispanic friend when they came out of the closet as being Hispanic. It’s obviously not the same. The gay community is trying to make the link, saying you’re born gay, but is there any actual scientific evidence to support that claim? No, there’s not, so it’s not the same at all. I’ll also remind you that people come out of gay relationships all the time. Our PC media just never chooses to cover those stories because if they did, they would be labeled “intolerant.” Something else to remember too is that Idaho is a “Right To Work” state. Your employer doesn’t need a reason to terminate your employment. Simply not fitting in is enough reason. I’m not intolerant; I’m just a critical thinker. The Add the Words movement doesn’t “add up” when examined.

Richard Oliver, Boise