Letters to the Editor

Morris letter: Refuge takeover

The illegal occupation of the Malheur is now being resolved, but an unfortunate death has resulted. The occupiers had ample restraint shown them by law enforcement, and the investigation is proceeding.

Now is the time for Labrador and our other Idaho politicians, and the members of the public who support these armed groups, to repudiate these dangerous tactics and delusional claims made against our public lands.

Some of these claims state:

▪  None of it is illegal. Wrong, all of it is.

▪  The refuge belongs to the people. Right, but all the people, not just the Bundy gang.

▪  The feds have no authority at Malheur. Wrong, they do.

▪  The destruction there is justified. No, it isn’t.

▪  It’s civil disobedience. No. They’re armed and threaten force.

These groups have repeatedly stated they want the land returned to the people. If they mean Native American people, they may have a point, but the fact is the Indian Nations themselves have asked for and want federal protection of their antiquities on the public lands. Invariably, looting results in the absence of federal management. Make no mistake, this is just another land grab by private interests at the expense of the American public.

Chris Morris, Caldwell