Letters to the Editor

Jacobsen letter: Negative words

I was deeply disappointed by the wording on the front page of the newspaper on Saturday, Jan. 16, regarding the winners of the $1.5 billion lottery: “Prepare to be angry.”

I believe words are powerful and that they tell a lot about the person who speaks or writes them — or the entity that publishes them. It would have been just as easy to print something encouraging your readers to be happy for those good people’s good fortune. To repeat the quote from their neighbor that appeared toward the end of the story inside, “It could not have happened to better people.”

Why add to the misery and anger that are all too prevalent in our world? Why encourage your readers to feel negativity toward apparently very nice, down-to-earth people? It makes me question why I read your publication at all. It contains some information I find valuable. At the same time, do I need this daily dose of negativity?

Louise Jacobsen, Boise