Letters to the Editor

Farley letter: Need controls

We have activists and politicians that are liberal and conservative crazies and are acting like the Sunnis and the Shiites of the Middle East. Each is driven by religion or ideology or both, and in some cases hate. There is no middle ground of cooperation, compromise, and/or working together to maintain a “more perfect union.” They are slowly destroying the opportunity to live and pursue happiness in a harmonious free country. Two of the many examples emblematic of the divide created include so-called government overreach and gun control. Examples of government management include the military, FAA, FCC, DOT, USDA, Social Security/Medicare, etc. Do we really not need these oversights? No interstate highway system, open sale of drugs or food that would kill you, or who cares how we fly or what’s on the airwaves. What is wrong with background checks? We don’t need gun control (I’m a gun owner), but we need control of guns. Not everyone should own a gun. I carry a concealed weapon, and I was a teacher, both required a background check. Many professions require a background check. Why not one to own a gun? We can’t continue down this road of divisiveness.

Tom Farley, Star