Letters to the Editor

Cook letter: The Bundys

With reference to the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. People like the Bundys are after only one thing: turning public lands into private lands. They want these lands, currently open for the enjoyment of all who appreciate them, like campers, fisherman, hunters and nature lovers of all kinds, to ultimately be turned over to private ownership/special interest entities via state/county authorization. Fences would go up and those lands would immediately become posted “No Trespassing” and unavailable for public enjoyment.

Placing our public lands in the hands of state authorities would make it easy for special interest groups to “buy” crucial key votes from state politicians in order to take control of those lands. These lands are safest when kept under the control of the federal government and the mountain of red tape currently required to make any changes to how those lands are utilized.

We are the last bastion of the “wide-open wild” left in this country. We take it for granted. People like the Bundys would have our lands fall into private ownership, become inaccessible, and to heck with the people. Bundys, go home. We don’t need or want you here in our part of the country.

Brad K. Cook, Middleton