Letters to the Editor

Ayers letter: Labrador, refuge takeover

I thank Kevin Lewis for his Guest Opinion, “Labrador’s absurd posturing over Malheur,” in the Thursday, Jan. 21, Idaho Statesman. Lewis did an excellent job of articulating why Rep. Labrador is so absurd in his defense of the criminal thugs in Oregon, who terrorized a community and illegally occupied a public building.

Lewis points out that these thugs have invaded and threatened people. These thugs initiated attacks in order to force Americans to surrender our public lands (which belong to us and future generations) to them and their cronies for their personal gain. As a Marine veteran, I find it offensive that these thugs commit crimes under the banner of the American flag. As an American, I find it overwhelmingly disheartening that a United States congressman would support such crimes. Seriously, is this what we want America to become — a nation of armed thugs that are allowed to take what they want as long as they wrap themselves in the flag and claim a purpose? Do we really want a congressman who promotes and defends such criminal behavior? That is not America.

Thugs need to go to jail; and Labrador needs to go.

Jim Ayers, Garden City