Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: GOP and Obama

Voters will not decide until Nov. 8 the kind of America they want for the future. For many independent, open-minded voters, it was probably decided on Jan. 14 after the Republican presidential debate.

Most of the leading candidates could hardly conceal their dismay and anguish over President Obama’s peaceful solution of an incident involving Iran and 10 American sailors. They seemed to feel this was a wasted opportunity for another exciting “Shock and Awe” with 100,000 American boots on the ground in Iran.

Strangely, the only Republican candidate who apparently didn’t want to start World War III over the minor incident was Donald Trump. He is the candidate establishment Republicans have attempted unsuccessfully to cannibalize because they consider him a clown and unfit to become commander in chief.

Only in America would politicians argue with a straight face that this country under Barack Obama has become less safe and prosperous. George Bush and Dick Cheney never appear at Republican campaign rallies. Voters might actually remember the good old days when America was mired in the senseless Iraq war and one of the worst recessions in our history.

Sandy Jones, Garden City