Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Terrorists

What motivates a terrorist to be a terrorist? Oddly we don’t seem to be asking this question. Do we really buy in to the simplistic notion that terrorists are evil, America is a sovereign nation, and because we just happen to have the military might it is our job to rid the world of this evil? This sounds a lot like the Chuck Norris movies I grew up with as a kid.

And has the war on terror worked? I honestly do not know. It’s tough to tell judging by what I see on the evening news and read in the newspaper.

What I do know is that the Military Industrial Complex reaps massive profits from war. This makes me wonder: Is peace really part of the end game or are we going to be fighting forever in what Zhiwa Woodbury’s Guest Opinion piece recently coined a “cycle of trauma?”

Can we really afford, monetarily and in terms of human capital, to fight forever?

Jason Smith, Boise