Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: Islam

The commentary by Rana Elmir as to “Why I refuse to condemn terrorism” (Jan. 3) angered me for a number of reasons, one of which I will discuss. She first professes her refusal to be bullied and then carries on at length as to why Muslims are victims. Her comments, while missing the point, raise a fundamental issue. The Quran contains approximately 164 verses discussing Jihad. Summarized, the Quran advocates violence against nonbelievers until they submit to Muslim Rule. No other fundamental religious text, such as the Bible or Book of Mormon, advocates such violence. Islam has been fighting Christianity nonstop since around 562 A.D. Therefore, the real reason Ms. Elmir cannot condemn violence is that to do so, she would be condemning the Quran’s advocation of Jihad. This she will not do. And to avoid this problem, she tries to portray herself as a hero against intimidation and Muslims as victims. So, let me throw the gauntlet: Ms. Elmir, I will not ask you to condemn terrorism. Will you condemn the Quran’s advocacy of violence against nonbelievers of Islam?

Lawrence G. Sirhall Jr., Boise