Letters to the Editor

Marsh letter: Purloined rainbow

Human sexuality is a many-splintered thing. It saddens me that God’s rainbow of promise has been purloined by the LGBT as their symbol. They seem to have forgotten that it was moral decay that made the flood necessary and God’s rainbow.

It seems to me that they are trying to get enough people to say perversion is OK, and it is really OK if followed by a commitment called “marriage.” They remind me of Rudyard Kipling’s monkey people who proclaimed that when they all said it, why then it must be so. Not one of them wants to acknowledge perversion for what it is, and when the rest of us don’t agree, we are labeled homophobes and judgmental.

Have we learned nothing from history? What caused once great nations to fall? Wasn’t it when there was “wickedness” within ... something called a depraved mind?

The sexual revolution of the ’60s put a huge dent in our family units and as the family fails, so fails a nation. We can only be a moral people with God’s help. Immorality is in our fallen nature and a purloined rainbow will never make it right. And furthermore nothing should be politically right that is morally wrong.

Phyllis Marsh, Meridian