Letters to the Editor

Minard letter: Obama and guns

The picture in the paper of Obama crying and sniveling about his policy of gun registration was very unsettling. He is acting like a small child that can’t get his way. This is the person who has access to nuclear bombs. People who think he cares about them or their children should be asking him why his family is protected 24 hours a day (by people with guns) and he is trying to take away common folks’ ability to do this. Gun registration absolutely leads to confiscation. Read up on how Hitler-Australia-Japan-China-Britain did it. Obama lamented the fact that a foreign teenage student was busted for bringing a clock (that looked like a bomb) to school; but he never said a word about the 9-year-old American kids being arrested and handcuffed (at school) for pointing a chicken wing — drawing a picture of their parent in a military uniform — etc.

Walter Minard, Nampa