Letters to the Editor

Woodard letter: Important to vote

In talking to college students about the upcoming election, I am surprised how the lessons learned in my generation have been so quickly forgotten. The year 2016 will be a very interesting year for America as we entertain a year of rhetoric regarding the future of what I believe is the greatest country in the history of the world.. With national security a major issue, a sitting president who is reluctant to lead, economic recovery still illusive, the future of our nation will be determined this year. I am reminded of Winston Churchill, who said that democracy depends on a little man (I would add woman also), taking a little pencil, a little piece of paper, and going into a little booth, and making a little mark in a little box that determines the future of our form of government. People need to make sure that they are a part of this great democratic process ... of voting.

Larry Woodard, Meridian