Letters to the Editor

Pittman letter: School choice week

College and career-ready skills are now, more than ever before, a necessity for graduating students. Students must be ready for the rigor of postsecondary education and the competitive workforce — they no longer are competing with one another in their hometown or the state of Idaho, but national and globally. Simply put, college and career readiness are essential to the 21st century community and society.

Mastering these critical skills calls for modern and innovative learning environments — environments that allow students to explore and focus on occupations of interest, earn postsecondary credits or an occupational certificate. Thankfully, in Idaho students have an opportunity to pursue this type of education.

The Idaho College and Career Ready Academy (IDCCRA) is a quality online charter school that uses technology to connect students across the state to a 21st century learning community focused on academic and technical results. As head of schools, I see families choose IDCCRA for many different reasons.

I’m proud that IDCCRA is supporting National School Choice Week (now through Saturday). I celebrate our students who are reaching their educational potential, our parents who have embraced a deeper involvement in their child’s education, and our teachers who are enriching our student’s educational experience.

Monti Pittman, Meridian