Letters to the Editor

Beauchamp letter: Gun violence

A new CNN poll shows 67 percent of Americans, including 57 percent of gun owners, support President Obama’s actions to reduce gun violence. Unfortunately, we can’t have an honest conversation about gun violence while the NRA/gun lobby controls most of our politicians. NRA puppets have convinced their base that anything proposed as “common sense gun measures” actually means “gun confiscation.” How sad … and dishonest.

The president’s speech described four logical actions: 1) Ensure that anyone in the business of selling guns is properly licensed, 2) enforce current laws vigorously, 3) address mental illness issues, and 4) encourage gun safety technology. Nothing there even hints at gun confiscation, makes it more difficult to buy a gun or is unconstitutional. Selling guns as a business already requires a license. Enforcing current laws and addressing mental illness are measures the pro-gun group has always argued for — until President Obama mentioned it. And seriously, how can anyone be against gun safety technology?

Still, with the NRA/gun lobby’s constant drumbeat of fear, hatred and misinformation, mention the term “gun control” and it drives gun enthusiasts crazy and sales through the roof … with ever increasing profits. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Tex Beauchamp, Meridian