Letters to the Editor

Northen letter: Protect public lands

Protect our public lands. For Rep. Raul Labrador to call the armed takeover of our wildlife refuge an act of civil disobedience cannot be compared to Thoreau. It is insurrection. These men need to be removed from our refuge and arrested. Remember that the lands managed by the government belong to all the people. The Taylor Grazing Act was put in place to protect our lands from overuse and abuse. There are many ranchers who follow the rules and pay their grazing fees. The second fire started by the Hammonds was during a red flag warning and endangered the lives of firefighters.

Labrador stated that inadequate land management has contributed to devastating wildfires, yet the Elk Fire Complex in 2013, one of the largest in Idaho burned through land already harvested for timber. Unfortunately climate change with drier winters and hotter summers will be contributing to larger wildfires.

The truth is millions of Americans care deeply about their public lands and want to see them protected. The majority of people believe these lands should be managed by the federal government for the benefit of all and for future generations to enjoy.

Carmen Northen, Hailey