Letters to the Editor

Leppert letter: Labrador commentary

Raul Labrador disgraces Idaho with his unabashed support of the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Their actions go well beyond “civil disobedience” and as far as I’m concerned they deserve to spend many years in a Federal prison.

Labrador distorts the facts regarding the Hammond case. He downplays the seriousness of the fires they deliberately set, in part to destroy evidence of their poaching and with wanton disregard for the lives of others endangered by the fires. He compares this deliberate act of arson to the accidental spill in the Animas River in Colorado, a totally false analogy, but typical of Tea Party “logic.”

The fact is, overall, public lands are managed much better than private lands and the Malheur Refuge is an excellent example of this. It has taken decades for the land to recover from overgrazing and other abuse when it was privately held.

Public lands belong to all Americans. Though some may not agree with the way Federal lands are managed, selling them off to the moneyed interests is not the solution. Unfortunately, improving the way government operates is not within the purview of the Tea Party radicals.

Dave Leppert, Boise