Letters to the Editor

Simpson letter: Message to Bundys

This is a message to the “Bundy” bunch: This is our land, not their land. We have entrusted the federal government to guard it for us because there is no other entity to do that. The states would sell it to pay for schools because they can’t manage their budgets. We “the People” have voted for people who will manage our land. They may want a situation like it is back East where you can’t fish, ride horseback, camp, hunt or do much of anything else because it is all privately owned. I do not want this. They are lucky they are permitted to graze their cattle on my land. And they should pay for that because we have to pay for someone to make sure they don’t overgraze or foul the water. If they don’t like this arrangement, they should buy their own land. This belongs to me, too.

Peggy Simpson, Cascade